Major update

28 Nov 2016

PlexUpdate is getting a major overhaul, adding a guided installer and simplifying the use of it.

By default it will now use git clone (and install the dependencies if needed) which means auto update works out of the box. Likewise, having it running automatically is now also supported by default (can be configured not to) and will make sure both plexupdate and plex media server remains up-to-date.

It also means that .plexupdate has been deprecated in favor of /etc/plexupdate.conf to keep it simple. Users can still use the --config argument to load their old configuration file.

Most existing setups can be converted into the new installer format by simply running the found in the extras/ folder in the new version.

We’re still testing and tweaking the last parts, but it should be rolled out by end of this week as an early Xmas present :-)

Published on 28 Nov 2016