Less bugs, more security

28 Nov 2016

Due to an oversight, I had mistakenly specified that the delta manifest option would accept a third value, encrypt. This was actually not true and would error out immediately. This has been fixed now with the new encrypt manifest option which resides under [security]. It’s enabled by default, so if you’re using encryption, this means that new backups will have an encrypted version of the manifest.

Also in this update, file list and checksums. Yes, once you create a backup, it will also produce a filelist.txt which is shasum compatible. Simply enter the directory and write shasum -c filelist.txt and it will double check your files. While this is handy, it also means that you now have an inventory file, so you know what files the backup consisted of (not which files that were inside the backup, that’s what delta manifest: yes is for).

Both of these options should provide some additional safety.

Last, but not least, the testsuite.sh has been updated to test these new features, so they don’t accidentially get ruined at some later point.

Next changes for iceshelf probably involves some sort of refactoring. I feel more comfortable now with the idea, given that I have a test tool to confirm functionality, which is very important since this must not fail. And the refactoring will be done in increments. Initially it’s going to be reduction of duplicate code (ie, placing it into functions).

But for now, enjoy :-)

Published on 28 Nov 2016